Why Sclerotherapy Is the Best Spider Veins Treatment Available

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Health Care

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Spider veins are the small, irregular, reddish, bluish, or purplish unsightly vessels at the surface of your skin. The larger and greenish ones are known as feeder veins, and these are the ones that feed your spider veins. Obtaining excellent results depends on a successful treatment of both types of veins, and this simple fact is commonly ignored by physicians who are not as experienced in spider vein treatment therapy.

Varicose Veins

Treating varicose veins is imperative to spider veins treatment. These are the bulging, large veins that have a zigzag pattern, and come as a result of the abnormal flow of blood in the incorrect direction. In these cases, there is an ineffectiveness in the one-way barriers or the valves between the deep and the superficial leg vein system. This leads to an abnormal flow of blood from the larger vein into the superficial and smaller veins, which makes a zigzag varicose vein.

What Causes Them?

The most dominant factor when it comes to varicose veins is heredity. Other causes can include a higher than normal pelvic or abdominal pressure and a higher progesterone level, which both occur during pregnancy. Standing for a prolonged period of time will also aggravate varicose veins and create a stasis of blood in the veins in the legs.

Symptoms of Varicose Veins Disease

In addition to being embarrassing and unsightly, varicose veins may also include the following side effects: itching, burning, pain, leg fatigue, throbbing, heaviness, muscle cramps, ankle swelling, and even some ankle sores and bleeding. Unfortunately, many physicians don’t see varicose vein problems as the cause of these symptoms.

How Does Sclerotherapy Compare to Laser Treatment?

The most successful spider veins treatment available is sclerotherapy—if it’s done correctly. Different laser treatment machines do not offer similar results when they are compared to sclerotherapy. It’s a fact that knowledge and experience are necessary for performing the proper sclerotherapy.

A good treatment plan has to be based on the thorough initial evaluation and mapping of the feeder veins in every person’s case. Each case might have more than one option for getting rid of their spider veins.

What Is Sclerotherapy?

It’s an injection of a small amount of sclerosing solution inside a targeted vein in an effort to block the irregular vein. When regular veins pick up the flow, the pressure in the veins is reduced so that leg circulation improves. Small spider veins can be treated with liquid sclerotherapy, while medium and larger ones are better treated with foam sclerotherapy.

Consider getting rid of your pesky and even uncomfortable spider veins with sclerotherapy treatment. It’s a safe and effective alternative to laser treatment and has better results when it’s utilized properly. Visit Doctor Khalil Fattahi at Vein Specialty Medical Clinic, Inc. for more information.

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