Why Lemon Biscuits Are The Best Choice For Holiday Cookie Swaps Nov27


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Why Lemon Biscuits Are The Best Choice For Holiday Cookie Swaps

As you make it through the business of the holiday, you may look for ways to make your days much easier. One way to cut back on your baking or shopping responsibilities is to attend a cookie swap. With these, everyone can come together to have fun and help each other with the burden of securing holiday treats. Plus, if you bring a surprise like lemon-flavored biscuits, your friends and family will be delighted and impressed. Below are more reasons that lemon biscuits can be the best snack to bring.

Travel Well

After meeting with friends and family, everyone will pack up their cookies to take home. When they want to nibble on a delicious treat, they will not want a bunch of crumbles. By sending them on their way with lemon puff biscuits, they have something that will hold up while moving around.

Change of Pace

During the holiday season, there are certain flavors that everyone expects to have. Gingerbread, peppermint, and pumpkin are used quite often in pies, cakes, and cookies. At a cookie swap, most of the guests will bring items that incorporate these popular holiday flavors. But, lemon has a strong, delicious citrus flavor that is slightly bitter. With lemon puff biscuits, you can allow everyone to have a change of pace.

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