Why Insurers Would Rather Avoid Trial and Negotiate Settlements with an Auto Accident Attorney in Bellingham, WA

Even when automotive insurance companies dispute claims, they generally do not want the case to proceed to trial. They know how sympathetic juries can be when these people learn what life after a serious vehicle accident is like. An auto accident attorney in Bellingham, WA will work to negotiate a reasonable settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurer.


The road to recovery can be very difficult after someone has been hurt badly in a car collision. The person may have suffered fractures and internal injuries. More than one surgery may be necessary, and the hospital stay may be lengthy. It may be weeks or even months before this individual can return to full-time work and other usual activities.

Acquiring Compensation

An auto accident attorney in Bellingham, WA wants to make sure the client receives compensation for all relevant factors up to the maximum of the insurance policy. If those expenses go above the policy maximum, the attorney may file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver if that person owns real estate or other assets that could be liquidated to pay compensation.

Going Before a Jury

If the case were to go before a jury, the insurance company must deal with the fallout of these individuals hearing what life has been like since the accident. The jury members may see photos of the injuries and evidence of any lingering disability.

Family members, close friends and work colleagues can give emotional statements explaining how different the person is since the collision caused such severe harm. They might speak of how active this individual used to be, perhaps they enjoyed biking for miles on weekends, coaching Little League, and doing volunteer work. Now, it’s hard to even get out of bed because of the injuries.

The jury might demand a court award for the plaintiff that goes far beyond what the lawyer had originally requested from the insurer or the at-fault driver. Insurers understand how often this happens and try to come to an agreement with an organization such as the Allen Law Firm before this happens. Visit the website to learn about this particular law firm. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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