Why Homes Need Gutter Repair in Olympia, WA Dec09


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Why Homes Need Gutter Repair in Olympia, WA

Some people, especially first-time homeowners, may not understand why properly functioning gutters are so important to a home. When they notice gutter problems, property owners may put them off instead of looking for Gutter Repair in Olympia Wa. This is a problem because a functional gutter system is integral to proper home maintenance. Gutters that are in disrepair look messy but, more importantly, they cannot serve their function, which is to help preserve the home’s physical integrity.

Think of a Home Without Gutters

To understand how gutters work, the first thing to do is picture a home without gutters. Now, picture that home in a rainstorm. All of the rain that falls on the roof is going to sheet down and drop immediately from the roof’s edges, resulting in the area immediately under the roof’s edges getting dramatically more rainfall than areas in other parts of the yard. How much more rain depends on the size of the home, but too much water can result in pressure on the foundation of the home, leading to structural instability or leaks in a basement.

Once water gets into the home, it tends to invade the drier air in the home. When that moisture-saturated air hits a cooler surface, it can cause condensation. This can lead to moisture in windows or along walls, which can create water damage. It can also help create the ideal habitat for mold and mildew growth.

How Gutters Work

Gutters work by preventing heavy rains from dumping along the perimeter of the home. Instead, the gutters catch the rain that is falling off of the roof and divert it to downspouts that are strategically located in areas offering good drainage and are pointed away from the home’s perimeter. This keeps the water from gathering in most rainstorms and helps limit problem even in heavy downpours.

Gutters Are Essential to Home Maintenance

Because functioning gutters help prevent a wide variety of types of damages to the home, it is important to look for Gutter Repair in Olympia Wa when a gutter problem is suspected. Early detection and intervention can often be remedied with a simple and inexpensive repair.

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