Why Gutters In Colorado Springs Are Important

by | Jun 7, 2013 | Gutters

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One of the structural components of a home that is necessary is a gutter system surrounding the roof line. If you are questioning the need for gutters consider the amount of damage your home could sustain if you did not have them. Concrete damage, flooded basements or first floors and costly landscaping damage and liability are just three reasons to consult a company about gutters colorado springs for your home.

The first thing that will cause a concern when you do not have gutters in place, is the resulting mold that can grow from standing water. Whether the home is made of stucco or wood, standing water can damage the material. Black mold will obviously grow faster on wood but the damage to concrete under the roof line of the house can also be a repair worth thousands of dollars. In addition, damage to the foundation will result. If not handled efficiently this may condemn the entire structure with the combination of mold and water damage.

When gutters colorado springs are installed correctly there will be one point in the roof line where the down spout will be placed. This means that anything in the form of rain and small particles will flow easily down this pipe and away from the home. In instances where the down spout has been clogged or does not exist at all, you face damage again to the foundation, crawl space or basement or first floor of the home.

Lastly, consider the damage to the landscaping and the liability you risk when your home is constantly being forced to absorb water or other resulting weather hazards. It is obvious where the water run offs are on a home and when the corrosion to the ground takes place, the trench will most likely add a hazard in your yard.

While a sump pump may be installed to remove the water away from the home, it is not meant to do the work of a properly installed and maintained gutter system. The damage from standing water over time can etch even the toughest soils or ground coverings and present a liability if people were to get hurt in deep trenches surrounding the home.

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