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Why Does a Click to Install Formula Matter?

The click to install formula is a key component of your mobile marketing. It may be one of the things you are focused on – or should be. The cost per install, or CPI, as it is also known, is a way to measure the success of your business’s marketing efforts. This is one of the most important metrics for your app. Do you know what your CPI is?

What is CPI? And Why Does It Matter?

The click to install formula represents the total ad spend for your mobile marketing campaign divided by the total measured installs. This is not that hard of a figure to calculate if you are tracking this data or using a method to track it. In CPI campaigns, your digital ads are positioned at various locations with the goal to encourage people to install the mobile app on their phones. Most of the time, you are charged a fixed rate when the app is installed. There may also be a bid rate.

The goal here is to ensure that what you are paying for when it comes to marketing your app is getting you the results you need. BY using the click to install formula, you can gain more insight into how much you are spending to get the results you need. The more information that you have about click to install formula figures for the marketing method you are using or planning to use, the better your results can be.

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