Who Would Think a Rooftop Could Be This Fun? May20


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Who Would Think a Rooftop Could Be This Fun?

Do you picture a roof as a lonely space with nothing but shingles, dust and wide open sky? Think again, because there is a thriving and fun rooftop bar Dallas socialites and those with no social graces all find equally amazing. Set high in the sky above the famed Hilton Hotel, this bar has got atmosphere, drama and plenty of extras. Who would think that a rooftop could be this fun? Well, other than Santa Clause that is. This is a must see and do experience that everyone in this shiny city should make a point of seeing firsthand.

With the delectable food that includes savory chef cooked meals, special drink concoctions named after some very sexy and vibrant lady actresses from times past, this place is a win win for everyone who drops by. Meet up with your buddies after a long hard haul at the work site, ring up the gals for a fab girls night out experience that won’t soon be forgotten and load up on the sizzling and tasty appetizers for good clean fun and adventure any day or night of the week. Getting married soon? Have a toast with your friends before the big event. Everything tastes and is better at this awesome rooftop bar Dallas is all a buzz about.

Bored out of your mind with no place to go? Head on up, yes up to the stunning rooftop bar Dallas located Hilton Hotel is hiding from anyone not currently in-the-know. Kick back under the starry nighttime sky. Cozy up with your true love, or current one-night-stand, while sitting in front of a warm and toasty outdoor fireplace. Watch the lights turn on, brilliantly outlining the city’s expansive skyline like nowhere else can. Find out why everyone’s going to Upside WestVillage.

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