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Which is the better fence; vinyl, chain link or wood?

The best material for a fence is in the eyes of the beholder, the truth be known, the best material for a fence is the material and the design that best suits the purpose. There are many reasons to build a fence; they reasons range from containing your small children, pets, privacy, property demarcation or just plain aesthetics. These are but some of the factors that will point you towards a vinyl, aluminum, chain link or wood fence in Nassau County NY

From both an aesthetically pleasing quality and maintenance free, it is hard to beat vinyl or aluminum. Both materials are available in a host of different colors and designs. The heights can vary as can the degree of privacy. The durability of the materials makes them ideal as the low-maintenance or no-maintenance choice. There is no need to consider painting or staining the fence every couple of years and in the event an accident should cause damage to components, they can easily be replaced due to their modular construction technique. These more durable alternatives, for all their qualities, are more expensive than alternatives.

Chain link fencing is inexpensive compared to other materials, but unlike vinyl, aluminum or wood fence in Nassau County NY, chain link provides no privacy at all. Chain link can be vinyl coated for longevity but the standard material is galvanized metal and after a few years, rust and corrosion becomes a problem. Chain link fences can take a lot abuse, much more than wood for example, it is also a great choice for homeowners who are putting up fencing on a limited budget.

A wood fence in Nassau County NY combines the best of aesthetics and privacy. The price is marginally higher than vinyl but as wood fences are designed and constructed to suit, they are the choice of those homeowners who want individuality in the fence design. Wood fencing can be constructed as high as necessary and can have various post tops and gates that suit the landscaping or architecture of the home. The natural, warm feeling of wood makes the material an attractive choice, the biggest drawback is maintenance.

Wood, regardless of whether it is a deck on the back of your home or a wood fence in Nassau County NY requires a lot of maintenance. It will have to be re-stained or painted every two or three years depending on the climate. The material is also prone to rot and term ire infestation. Wood fencing may also have an effect on the premium you pay for homeowners insurance, especially if the fence is located close to a BBQ pit or fireplace. In short, the choice is one of affordability, appearance and maintenance. With a properly installed fence, the homeowner will reap the expected value.

A wood fence in Nassau County NY is an excellent choice if your desire is aesthetics and continuity. Call All Island Fence & Railing for assistance with design, request a no obligation quote and avail of the financing option.