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Where to Look for Affordable & Stunning Furnished Apartments Near LSU

Many students are hoping to head off to college come the end of summer into early fall. Lots of students prefer to live off-campus but finding a suitable off-campus apartment that is still affordable can be a major challenge for most. Learn where to look for affordable and stunning furnished apartments near LSU.

The Best of Student Life without Crowded Dorms & Other Distractions

More students attending college today realize the importance of lots of good study time. On most larger college campuses, the dorm rooms and study areas are overcrowded and exceptionally noisy even after hours when people are supposed to be quiet. More students are discovering how to live their best years of student life without having to deal with all of the usual student living issues. Take the time to investigate some all-inclusive furnished apartments near the LSU campus instead.

Get Free Wifi, In-Unit Laundry, Full Kitchens & Posh Furnishings

Having everything included in your student off-campus apartment can be a game-changer saving students time and money. With a full-service kitchen, students can safely store grocery items and cook good meals rather than relying on campus dining options or hitting the fast-food joints every day. Also included in these phenomenal apartments are in-unit laundry areas, free Wifi and upscale posh and cozy furnishings.

Student Apartments with Many Amenities

Students often study while lounging poolside, hit the gym, frequent the game room or throw a party in the clubhouse. Contact Alight Baton Rouge for more information.

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