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Where To Get California Faucets?

Obviously in California is not exactly the correct answer. California Faucets is the Company and Brand Name for company that manufactures a wide range of plumbing fittings and specializes in kitchen and bathroom faucets. Since California Faucets are manufactured in California, the obvious answer is not so wrong after all.

In the USA, the days when few homes boasted specially customized rooms solely for kitchen or bathroom use are long gone. Unfortunately, this is not yet completely so for much of the world’s population.

Once we grew used to the concept of including a kitchen and, at least, one bathroom within our home, the world of plumbing really took off and, almost every day, a new bathroom or kitchen fixture hits the market. Sometimes, this may be nothing but a fresh design for an older fixture, or, it could be something totally different from those currently in use. Steam showers, air baths and Jacuzzi’s are but a few examples of new (at their time) developments.

Since kitchen and bathroom fixtures now have so many functions, controlling them becomes something more than simply running in pipes and putting faucets in place. Special faucets are needed for certain functions and the fixture might not work properly if you use the wrong one. In some cases, attaching the wrong fitting to a fixture can even be dangerous. Plumbers may be mere artisans but, today, their craft requires much knowledge and high skill levels.

Single source faucets, widespread faucets, mixer faucets, ¼ turn ceramic seats, ball or rising stem, lever operated, sensor operated – the list of terms (jargon) goes on (and on). California Faucets manufacture virtually every type of faucet known to plumbers and the world at large. Not only do they cover all the bases in terms of application usage but, when the faucet is to be fitted in a visible position, they also produce in a wide range of attractive looking designs, materials and colors. Only the best, strongest and durable materials are used in their manufacturing process.

Their products will be found in most hardware stores and shopping mall DIY superstores but many contractors and enthusiastic home remodelers may prefer the convenience of browsing the whole range on their computer and choose to opt for the ecommerce purchasing method.

California Faucets are available through ecommerce from Kitchen Bath Plus who offer some 261 faucet types from the California Faucets range. Delivery by UPS Regular Ground service will usually be a matter of only a few days.

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