When Would You Call A Lawn Service Company?

Lawns add beauty to houses. Beside, these sculpted pieces of greenery speak much about your personality as well. While an unattended lawn gives a negative impression to visitors, a nice landscaped garden with neatly managed trees, shrubs, flowerbeds, and grassy cover would impress any visitor. But maintaining a garden or a lawn is not an easy job. If you’re not attentive to maintaining your lawn, it may get infested with ticks and grubs. Frequent weeding problem would nag you from time to time. The best way to attend to all these problems is to call a reputed lawn service company. Once you select an appropriate maintenance program you need not worry about weeds, crab grass, insects or worms anymore! It will provide you ample time to attend other businesses, while the company professionals would look after your personal plot of greenery beautifying it and protecting it from damage. But it is not always that you would know when to call a service company. Familiarizing with common lawn problems and its symptoms would help you in this regard.

  • Are you surprised to see that the green grassy cover is quickly turning bald? This might be an early indication of lawn grub infesting your plot. These are tiny worms which thrive on grass roots. These insects would voraciously eat up grass roots reducing it growth and field cover. As grass helps to bind the soil particles together, compactness results from a uniform grass cover. A lawn without grass would naturally look unattractive and the plot would turn barren in a few weeks time. Whenever you spot patchy areas on your lawn, where the grass looks yellowish and dry, don’t waste any time. Call a lawn service company.
  • Tick infestation is another major issue that threatens human health as well! Lawns and the surrounding trees and shrubs can get infested with ticks, especially during seasonal transitions like fall and spring. These tiny insects carry disease causing bacteria which after entering human bodies, through tick bites, cause Lyme disease. If you experience symptoms like – chill, fever, headache, muscular pain, and lethargy after bitten by ticks, call your physician immediately. These are the early symptoms of a lyme disease. As an immediate measure contact a lawn service agency to eliminate these pests from your home, front and back yard as well.
  • Weeds are perennial hazards to house owners. Especially, if you have a small tract of land beside your house where you wish to grow veggies or flowers, weeds and crab grass would always try to spoil your plan. To resist weed growth, proper and repeated soil treatment with weedicides and fertilizers would act wonders. This is only possible if you have an experienced lawn service professional looking after your field or garden.

It is crucial to choose the best program offered by a reputed lawn service. Lincoln, MA residents need not worry, with Lawn Management Corporation around! With over 20 years of field experience you need not care about lawn maintenance when they promise to take care of your personal plot of greenery!


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