When It’s Time To Replace Your Furnace

by | Apr 19, 2013 | Heating

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When your home’s furnace starts to act up or underperform, it can be a very stressful situation. Particularly if you’re in the middle of a cold winter or hot summer, the last thing you want to deal with as a homeowner is losing your ability to control the house temperature. Maybe the most stressful thing is being unsure if your furnace needs a simple repair or a total replacement. There are several factors to consider before deciding that a Furnace Replacement in Yukon is the right choice. It’s important to weigh the immediate and long-term expenses associated with any furnace work before moving forward with a decision.


As a first step, it’s critical to self diagnose what you can about your furnace. Even if you have no experience with HVAC work, there are some easy things to look at. For starters, how old is your furnace? If you are the person who purchased the unit, you may have records of when it was installed. Many units less than ten years old, and almost all that are less than five years old are still under warranty. While a warranty may not cover all aspects of a repair or replacement issue, you should definitely contact the manufacturer or HVAC installation specialist who originally set up your furnace.

If your unit is not under warranty, you should gather as much information about the unit as possible. Beyond the make and model, write out a brief summary of any issues you have had with your furnace. Does it not turn on at all? Does it simply run cold when you have the heat on? Is there a smell emerging from vents that is not normal? All of these facts will help an HVAC professional determine if a Furnace Replacement in Yukon is necessary.

A decision to repair or replace a furnace may come down to your budget. Good HVAC specialists should be able to clearly explain the issue to you before recommending work. There are always some companies that are over-eager to sell a new unit and make a greater profit. At the same time, if you have an inefficient unit that is aging and has a recent history of problems, Furnace Replacement in Yukon may be the best use of your money.

With some of the newer energy efficient furnaces on the market, there are more ways than ever to control your indoor climate while saving money in the process. Don’t wait until your problem leaves you without any heating or cooling options. Find out if Furnace Replacement in Yukon is right for you.

If your furnace is acting up, it may be time for a Furnace Replacement in Yukon! Don’t risk a home without heat, look into a Furnace Replacement in Yukon today.

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