Wheel Alignment: The Silent Tread Thinner

by | Feb 5, 2014 | Automotive

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Your car has been making funny noises lately, and you notice it’s been pulling to the left. On first instinct, when you get home, you search for: wheel alignment Madison WI only to find that there are 10 different auto shops in the area. How do you go about choosing one? And not just one, but the right one for you?
The good news is that Genin’s AutoCare is an auto shop that has been family owned, and has been serving the Madison, Monona, Middleton, Waunakee, Fitchburg, Oregon, Verona and surrounding areas since 1992. With most family owned businesses, you can count on superior and personalized customer service. I’ve had my fair share of trips to Wal-Mart or Pep-Boys for oil changes and alignments. However, I must note that dealing with larger chains typically offers minimal customer interaction. I know a decent amount about car maintenance, or at least enough to know that I shouldn’t buy blinker fluid.

Not only is Genin’s AutoCare family owned, but they also have experienced staff and are certified to be a NAPA Auto Care Center. So rest assured, that this is not some fly-by-night operation. With all of their technicians being ASE certified, this auto repair shop will have your car repaired in a snap! Make sure to visit the shop for preventative maintenance to keep your car running smoothly. Most issues if left to linger for too long, can cost you your wallet, or even more importantly, your safety.

Did you know that one of the most common problems people wait too long to fix is if their wheels are out of alignment? It’s noticeable when you hold the steering wheel straight and feel yourself drifting to the left or right. Most people are accustomed to just living with a slight pull in their car. I mean, it’s just a tiny inconvenience anyways, right? Actually, this reduces the structural integrity of your vehicle, as well as wearing down the tread on your tires at a rapid rate. You don’t realize too much of a difference until you have to fork over a few hundred dollars to replace a set of tires you just bought last year.

This is why it’s great to have a family owned auto care facility at your service. So instead of jumping online to google wheel alignment Madison WI go ahead and give Genin’s AutoCare a call.



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