What’s the value of a business degree?

by | Feb 23, 2013 | Education

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Depending on the circumstances, a business degree can be worth a lot or very little. Business degrees are usually the route taken by those people who have a desire to succeed in the corporate world, run their own small business or investors. The careers of those who seek their business degree in Idaho are quite extensive. It is not uncommon for Doctors to study business, so they can better understand the administrative part of their career, Engineers may study business if they are considering starting a consulting firm, and current employees may take a business degree in Idaho to help them advance in the corporate world.

What questions should an individual ask themselves before choosing to study business?

What is the value of knowledge?

Business studies teach the student many things; asset management, financial statement analysis and entrepreneurship being just a few examples. The value that one gets from these courses all depends on how the graduate applies the knowledge. A simple example may be when someone invests their time to learn how to build something and then never build it. When asked, “Why did you learn this skill?” a person not studying business may say, “why not, it was interesting” and the business student would say it was a waste of an investment. Business teaches how to put value on money.

The value of the school and the individual:

The value of a business degree can be influenced by the individual, and the school attended. Getting a business degree from one of the nation’s top schools may be considered a prize but its true value lies in how it is used. Essentially the same course material is taught at schools with less of a reputation, but if the graduate knows how to apply his knowledge, the degree is just as valuable as that granted by a top-tier institution.

As well as the value of the degree, are its possibilities in the market. It is important that the potential student of business considers his or her future, all the implications associated with the education and the likely benefits of the degree. The student who is contemplating a business degree in Idaho should ask the following questions:

* What is the demand in the workplace for this degree?

* Will a business degree get you to where you want to be?

* Can you afford the cost of a business education?

* Do you qualify for scholarships? If not, do you have access to funding for your education?

* What does the future hold for graduates with a business degree?

These questions may be hard to answer but answer them; you must. Although taking things seriously can be hard for a young person, this is one area where you must show responsibility, it is your future.

A business degree in Idaho is one of the many degree programs offered by Northwest Nazarene University. Located in Nampa, Idaho, the university offers degrees in over 60 areas of study to over 2000 graduate and undergraduate students.

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