What You Need To Know About Property Managers

When you choose a property management company to assist you with your rental properties, whether commercial or residential, you must also choose a property manager to handle day-to-day activities.  A property manager will need to have the ability to assist you with any problems that occur, as they relate to your rental properties.  The property manager will also act as a buffer between you and your tenants.  The property manager will be there to assist you with any situation regarding the rental property in order to free up the time of the owner.  However, prior to choosing a property manager in Melbourne, you do need to know a few things about property managers.

Function of a Property Manager

There are several functions of property managers.  You will be responsible for signing the agreements with the manager and will agree to give a percentage of rent payments to the property manager each month as payment for their services.  The property manager will be responsible for collecting security deposits, rent, and any late fees associated, as is dictated by the rental agreement.  In some circumstances, the property manager may be responsible for assisting in the sale of the property, wherein you would be required to compensation the property manager for these types of services.

Rules a Property Manager Must Follow

All property managers are responsible for following all guidelines in their area including, but not limited to, rental practices of the state and the Federal Fair Housing.  This means the property manager is prohibited from making any discrimination of tenants based on nationality, religion, race, sex, or color.  There are also state laws that will regulate how much can be collected for security deposits along with the proper eviction procedures, all of which property managers must adhere to.

Types of Managers

You should know there are different types of property managers you can hire.  Most of these managers will specialize in residential or commercial properties.  Property managers who specialize in residential properties will usually deal with either vacation rentals, seasonal rentals, or full-time rentals.  On the other hand, property managers who work in commercial property will deal with a particular type of building, such as a retail space or a warehouse.  Before hiring a property manager in Melbourne, it is important to determine their qualifications in order to decide who can best meet your needs.

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