What to Pay Attention to at a Dental Clinic

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Dentist

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When most people visit a dental clinic in New Hyde Park NY, they simply walk in, sign the sheet, and sit down to wait for their name to be called. Then when they enter the examination room they simply sit down and stare off into space while the dentist performs the check up. Any person that follows this approach is doing themselves a disservice.

What a person should do is be vigilant the entire time they are at the dentist’s office. This starts from the moment they walk in the door to the moment they step out the door to go back home. So what should a person pay attention to while they are at the Dental Clinic In New Hyde Park NY?


The first thing that a person should pay attention to is the dentist’s (or hygienist’s) hands. Make sure that they completely wash their hands. Make sure that they put on gloves too before they perform the examination or do any type or oral work. Their hands have been in a lot of mouths, and this is an easy way to spread germs.


A second thing to look at is the actual instruments that are to be used to clean the teeth. Make sure that the instruments are clean and sterile. For the disposable instruments, make sure that they are sealed in a sterile plastic sleeve. Also make sure that the instruments are not opened until right before they are needed. They should not be opened any sooner as this is an easy way for airborne germs to spread.

For reusable instruments, make sure that the tips are soaked in a sterile solution or that they are placed within an autoclave. An autoclave is a sterilization machine that is made specifically to kill all bacteria that may be on the instrument. The dentist’s office should run the instruments through the autoclave on a regular basis. The more often this is done the better.

These are just a few of the basic things to pay attention to while at the dentist’s office. It does not mean that snooping has to be done either. Most of this can be easily witnessed just by a casual glance. Just take a mental note of all of the activities. Contact Business Name.

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