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What To Look For In Garage Doors In Abbotsford

Choosing the right door for your attached or free standing garage is a matter of more than just picking out the one that looks best. Although of course appearance is one part of the equation! The variety of doors on the market means that you’ll have your pick between more classic steel models and contemporary aluminum, and decorative hardware to add a personal touch. But aesthetics probably shouldn’t be your first concern when choosing Garage Doors in Abbotsford.

As with most products, safety is of tantamount importance when choosing between various models. Your garage door is likely the largest moving thing in your home. Newer models come equipped with features like tamper resistant brackets and pinch free doors to make sure that your fingers don’t get stuck should they be accidentally placed in harm’s way. And beyond personal safety, your door is your first line of defense in protecting your garage in the possessions in it.

Find out what type of insulation is used in any model that interests you, and whether or not they are fireproof. Materials like polyurethane are known for their fire resistance, and can be a good option. And beyond fire protection, insulation is a key consideration in evaluating energy efficiency. Polyurethane has a high R-Value, meaning it holds heat better than even some of its thicker counterparts. This improved insulation will cut down on your energy bill, helping you recoup the costs of your remodeling.

Of course the material around the insulation is every bit as important, particularly when considering longevity. The frequent motion of garage doors makes them prone to wear and tear, but with the right material you can avoid costly repairs. Vinyl, for instance, can withstand harsh weather, is unlikely to dent, and will not rust. Fiberglass is also a fairly practical choice, as it can be given the appearance of wood but requires less upkeep than its traditional counterpart. Wood doors should only be considered by those not afraid of a bit of maintenance here and there, as they must be frequently repainted. Check out Doorcare for more information regarding all of these and other options available to you when you replace your garage doors in Abbotsford.