What to Know about Residential Dumpster Service in Columbia, SC

by | Dec 22, 2022 | Dumpster Service

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If you are looking for residential dumpster service in Columbia, SC, you can get it with a click of a button. Companies that rent dumpsters out allow you to order them online or by phone, and they can deliver them as soon as the same day in some cases. People choose a residential garbage dumpster rental for different cleanouts and projects, and it is easy to get the one you need.

What to Know

When you get residential dumpster service in Columbia, SC, you can get a dumpster delivered the same day or the next day. All of the containers are roll-off models, which are easy to deliver. They are small enough to fit anywhere and give you plenty of room for waste and debris. If you aren’t sure which size to order, the dumpster company can help you determine the best option. If your waste includes bulky and heavy items, such as furniture, you will want the larger dumpster, but a 10-yard dumpster is sufficient for small projects. The delivery driver will place the dumpster on your driveway or any solid, level surface. It fits in driveways and parking spaces.

About Your Dumpster

When you get residential dumpster service in Columbia, SC, you won’t have to worry about damage to your driveway. They will place protection planks under the back heels, which ensures that it never touches the driveway. You don’t need to be there when your dumpster is delivered; the service will send you live updates on the ETA of your dumpster so you will know what to expect. They will also confirm when the dumpster has been delivered. You can place any waste in the dumpster besides hazardous materials. In addition, there is a weight limit. You should never fill the dumpster so full that it overflows, but these and any other requirements will be explained by the company.

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