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What to Expect with Towing in Surprise, AZ

If you own a car, there will come a time when you need towing in Surprise, AZ. What might catch you off guard is how expensive towing fees can be. One way to help save on costly fees is to obtain roadside assistance through your auto insurance. You can also join a roadside assistance group, such as AAA.

Why Towing Is Expensive

Many people often wonder why a towing service is so expensive. They don’t realize that tows are often more involved than just moving a vehicle from one place to the next. Towing fees vary based on the exact services you require, why you need the tow, how far you are being towed, and the tow company. Something to keep in mind is that there is a basic hook-up fee that applies no matter how far you are being towed.

Reasons Why You May Need Towing

When it comes to needing towing in Surprise, AZ, only two things are unavoidable. If you are in a car accident that disables your vehicle, there is no getting around having it towed. The other unavoidable cause is a mechanical failure that makes your car undrivable. After all, if you can’t get your car to start or stay running, there is no way to drive it anywhere.

Two other reasons why people call for a tow are running out of gas or a dead battery. To avoid having to call for a tow truck, you can keep a better eye on your gas gauge. Keeping jumper cables in your vehicle is also recommended.

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