What to Expect from Local Junk Hauling Services in Eugene, OR Jan21


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What to Expect from Local Junk Hauling Services in Eugene, OR

Whether one is renovating their home, moving, or merely decluttering a house, a junk hauling service in Eugene is a reliable way to get rid of bulky items fast. But how do these services actually work? What kind of items do they take? Keep reading for more insight into how these services operate.

Types of Junk Removed

Although no two services are alike, most junk hauling companies remove anything one can think of that isn’t suitable for weekly trash pickup. Either it’s too big for a trash bin or it’s hazardous material such as paints, oil, and other chemicals. Households interested in using a junk haul-away service should take an inventory of what they need to get rid of and call the service to make sure the items qualify for removal.

How Is the Junk Hauled Away?

Junk removal services haul away junk using one of two methods, truck hauling or dumpster rental. Truck hauling is ideal for projects that aren’t ongoing. For example, a person has an old couch or a refrigerator they want to get rid of. The truck would arrive at the home, pick up the items, put them in the truck with other items, and call it a day.

Dumpster services are ideal for people who are renovating or cleaning out entire households. The waste removal company delivers the dumpster to the location and picks it up when the customer is done using it. Dumpster rentals can be daily, weekly, monthly, or customized to the customer’s needs.

For more information about how junk hauling services in Eugene work, contact family-owned Royal Refuse Service online at https://royalrefuse.com.