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What Sets Sports Medicine Apart from Other Forms of Medicine?

While the purpose of all types of medicine is to bring about healing and promote wholeness, various kinds of medicine seek to produce certain results. This is true with Sports Medicine in Miami, FL. Here are a few things about this particular approach that people should know.

The Focus of Sports or Exercise Medicine

Many people hear the terms Sports Medicine or Exercise Medicine and wonder if there is any difference. In fact, both terms do refer to the same approach to health and healing. The methods used focus on providing medical care to people who are physically active, in terms of participation in some type of sport. Along with professional athletes, those who work out regularly and are involved with running marathons, amateur weight lifting contests, and similar activities would all be treated by an Exercise Medicine expert.

Proactive Measures

This form of medicine is not always about healing some type of injury. Many of the strategies used are intended to prevent or decrease the severity of injuries. This includes screening for developing or existing medical conditions that could place the athlete in danger. When possible, the treatments focus on controlling those conditions to allow the athlete to enjoy a maximum level of performance.

A good example of how this proactive approach works is in dealing with a chronic condition, like Type 2 Diabetes. In this scenario, the medical professional will ensure the athlete is employing a regimen that includes medication and a diet that includes the best foods and keeps carbohydrate intake within an acceptable range.

Addressing Injuries

The medical professional will be especially concerned with musculoskeletal issues such as torn ligaments, strained muscles, and damage to the knees. When an injury takes place, the immediate administration of medical aid will greatly increase the odds of a full recovery. While this may mean having to sit out a few games while healing takes place, the combination of treatments and physical therapy will increase the odds of getting back in the game sooner.

For physically active individuals, seeking support from a medical professional is a must. Before that next competition, visit URCare and have a complete physical. Doing so could mean better performance and less chance of injury. Visit us on Facebook for more information.

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