What is tinted glass?

by | Jul 15, 2013 | Parts and Accessories

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It would be a sad world indeed if there was no such thing as glass. Without glass our homes and offices would not have the advantage of clear light but on the downside, without glass there would be no privacy issues or would there be a surface which allowed more than the desired heat in. Well, thank goodness we do have glass as well as window tinting in Columbus OH which allows for an easy solution to heat and lack of privacy.

Window tinting is a term that applies to any glass surface that has been treated with a coating, often a film, which reduces the transmission of light. Depending on the location and the need, glass can be tinted with different coatings that block or reflect different amounts of light.

One of the more common places to see window tinting in Columbus OH is when it is used on the windows of a vehicle. Most cars are factory fitted with tint at the top of the front windshield which has been proven to reduce glare when the sun is low in the sky. Over and above the front tint, many cars are treated to a full window tint; this can be done in the factory or as an aftermarket installation. A full tint provides a degree of privacy for the occupants as well as reducing the buildup of heat in the vehicle when it is unoccupied and sitting in the sun.

Every state has its own unique laws which pertain to the degree of tint that can be installed on a vehicle; this is of particular importance on the front window. These legal limits are put in place to allow law enforcement officers to see into the car’s interior so that the driver and passengers can be identified. The tint level is of equal importance to the driver so that he or she can see other vehicles and potential obstacles and obstructions.

Although window tinting is most frequently used in cars, the home or office can also be a candidate for tint. Applying tint to flat surfaces is much easier than applying it to the curved windows of a car, the application can often be done by the homeowner given a bit of practice.

Window tinting provides comfort & solar protection for your vehicle, home and office.

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