What Is The Easiest Way For You To Buy A Nose Ring?

by | Dec 22, 2015 | Shopping

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They say that you can lead a bull by the nose and it is not an uncommon sight on many a farm to see a huge bull with a large ring attached to his nostril. When a rope is passed through this ring, it becomes much safer for someone to lead the bull from one place to another. If you wanted to buy a nose ring of this type; then I guess some sort of agricultural dealership would be the place to go?

What If It Is Intended For A Human Nose?

If you are seeking to buy a nose ring; that you will wear in your nose; as a piece of decorative body jewelry; then, you will first need to have at least one piercing. You should note that this can be in a variety of positions. It could be through the skin around your septum (the central divider between left and right nostrils); through the side of either nostril (or both nostrils); or, across the bridge of your nose. The style of jewelry that you need will depend to some extent on the positioning of your piercing.

Design Considerations And Trade Terminology

Historically, nose jewelry was mainly associated with South Asia (India in particular) and Australian aboriginal peoples as a ritual and/or a wealth investment by the predominate use of gold. In this context, there were certain fixed considerations over the design. However, modern, Western nose piercing is carried out for fashionable reasons that are often linked to the wearer wishing to make a visible lifestyle statement.

Because no one really wants to be led around by a ring in their nose; large ring like designs are rare and the convenience of a stud style is widely appreciated. The stud(s) are attached to each end of a pin that passes through the piercing – in the trade; this arrangement is referred to as the barbell type (because it resembles a miniature of that piece of gym equipment).

Buying Online

Despite the ever growing popularity of body piercing in recent years; there are still not so many retail shops actually selling the associated jewelry. Fortunately for aficionados of body jewelry; there are online stores offering wide selections to suit any portion of human anatomy. Sometimes a search for nasal studs will produce good results; as might searching for nasal barbells. However, many stores simply lump everything together under the term “nose rings” – even if their entire range is made up with barbell type stud jewelry.

Stores like www.BodyJewelry.com are probably the easiest way for you to get to choose which type, position, design and material you would prefer when wishing to Buy Nose Rings.

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