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What does a commercial locksmith in Chicago do?

Commercial locksmith services include not only working on locks and keys but also can involve other security devices often found in commercial establishments. Unlike mobile locksmiths that predominately deal with private property owners as well as vehicle owners who find themselves locked out of their car, commercial locksmiths focus on business owners and their premises.

Due to the rapid introduction of technology to all sectors, commercial locksmith services in Chicago also deal with sophisticated security systems, in some jurisdictions the locksmith is required to submit to a background check due to the sensitivity of these complex systems.

Typical tasks that are associated with being a commercial locksmith include:

The installation of new locks

Repairing and replacing damaged locks

Helping gain entry in the event of a lockout and

Keeping up to date with emerging technology that will impact the trade

In the past commercial locksmith services in Chicago dealt with the installation of key type door locks on inside and exterior doors. Today, many locks that are being installed are keyless which proves to be very helpful once an employee that had a key to the facility was terminated, with today’s technology rather than replace the lock, the key code is all that needs changing.

Periodically a key will break off in the lock; this requires either a locksmith that can remove the broken key or a complete replacement of the lockset. With the cost of complete replacement being considerably higher, the business normally opts for replacement of only components that have failed or remove the broken segment of key. A commercial locksmith also deals with lockouts, in the event the person entrusted with the key should lose it, the locksmith will open the door, allowing for entry of the employees. As lockouts are totally unpredictable as to when they might occur, commercial locksmith services in Chicago are usually available night or day.