What do fire protection professionals do?

by | Aug 7, 2015 | fire alarm

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Professionals who offer fire protection services in NJ are those that help the owners of businesses as well as homeowners prepare themselves better for a possible fire emergency. These fire protection specialists design, install, inspect and maintain automatic sprinkler systems, fire pumps, fire extinguishers and other equipment used in the suppression of fire. They can educate people and train them in emergency protocol and how to extract themselves from potentially dangerous situations.

A professional involved in providing fire protection services in NJ can be faced with differing situations daily. The technician may be called upon to visit an ongoing construction site and work with government inspectors in an effort to identify possible dangers and advise on the best way to eliminate the hazard. These people may need to explain the details of fire codes and why they are important. One of the major endeavors is to go over building details and design the best system, identifying the places where sprinklers and smoke alarms, etc should be installed to provide optimum protection to the building and its occupants.

Periodically a business will expand a facility, when this happens, fire protection service personnel will visit the existing facility, identify any particular hazards and along with a design for the expansion of the system, make recommendations on how to improve what is currently in place.

Many technicians involved in fire protection techniques are either active or retired fire fighters, these people can use their training and skills to plan for the evacuation of personnel and offer solutions to fire suppression and extinguishing. In the event there is a fire the technician is often called to the scene to survey the damage and make recommendations on how to ensure a better response should a fire break out in the future. Should this investigator note particular hazards or safety equipment which is not functioning as it should he will make note and provide it to officials.

Those who provide fire protection services in NJ usually are graduates of two-year fire science programs which are offered by many community colleges and extension facilities. Often the recent graduate will have to sit an examination which is often held at a fire station before he can start working. New workers in this field spend some time working closely with experienced technicians in order to perfect their skills. In many cases the technician will take annual review courses to maintain his level of involvement.

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