What CNC Custom Cutting Can Do For You

by | Jan 29, 2015 | Shopping

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CNC (computer numerical control) machines have revolutionized the manufacture of many products. What took master craftsmen hundreds of hours to carve can now be produced in a mere fraction of the time. CNC custom cutting in PA area has CNC machines that perform routing, drilling, sanding, and engraving functions. These machines are capable of working wood, metals, plastics, and other materials.

Relief Carvings

Relief carving is a form of sculpture in which material is removed from a panel of wood, metal, stone or other media. Once the material is removed, what is left is a raised ‘picture’ on the panel. The relief can be a ½” to over 2” in depth. Pierced relief carving is a form in which holes are carved completely through the panel. Applications for this form of carving include signs, commemorative plaques, awards and carved panels that can be incorporated into other works.

Custom Millwork

What typically comes to mind when people think of ‘millwork’ is architectural molding…. Crown molding, baseboard, chair molding, and other trim pieces. Millwork is also applied in furniture detail, frames and specialized panels. Examples of this work include decorative carvings on the legs and feet of tables and chairs; think ‘claw and ball’ feet, beading (row of flattened beads) or fluting (parallel concave groves). A ‘boss’ is a round or oval ornament made for application onto another surface; think emblem.


A laser engraver removes material (wood, metals) by converting light energy into heat. The computerized controls allow for a precision not attainable by hand. This precision makes possible complex designs, a well as text. Personalized gifts, awards, trophies, signs, and recognition, donor and memorial plaques are examples of engraving applications.

3D Carvings

CNC carving is a merger of engineering and art, allowing for precision machining of components and sculptural pieces. In addition to single works of art, this computerized carving process has been a boon to antiques restoration. Think about that cherished heirloom piece of furniture that is missing a piece of decorative carving. A digital design can be made and uploaded to a CNC carving machine. The machine can then produce an exact replica of the piece.

Whether you need a sign for your business, a 3D wooden sculpture, an engraved plaque, or a specially milled frame, CNC custom cutting in PA can help. These professionals are equipped to handle a multitude of carving and routing tasks, along with laser engraving on woods and metals.

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