What are The Hallmarks of a Good Plumbing Contractor?

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Plumbers & Plumbing Contractors

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One of the most difficult tasks homeowners face is hiring professional plumbers. While the end result of a professional plumbing contractor Alexandria speaks for itself, it can be much harder to judge a good plumber before the actual work is completed. There are a few indications of a professional plumber that can help guide you in finding the best suited plumber for the job. Remember that not all plumbers are created equal.

Respect for your time

Plumbers are notorious for giving ballpark estimates especially where arrival time is concerned. A true professional will provide a specific time, and call ahead of time if he expects to arrive early or late. This is an important indicator of a plumber who respects the job and your time.

Respect for your home

Plumbing is certainly a messy job, but a true professional takes all precautions to keep your home as clean and tidy as possible. Whether it is covering work boots with plastic when working on carpeted areas, or removing the shoes entirely, a good plumber knows that it is his responsibility to leave your home as clean as he found it. In addition to this, a professional will tidy up his work area when the job is finished and ask you to move furniture that may be damaged in the course of the job.

Comes prepared

A plumber with good industry experience is able to judge what equipment is required for heating repair from the very first day of the job and makes a point of brining it with him. Complications do happen, but a true professional is able to quickly acquire the special equipment needed without compromising the deadline for the job.

Proudly shows his credentials

A professional plumber does not get offended when asked for credentials, but is happy to show you that he is insured, bonded and licensed. It is your responsibility to ensure that the documentation is valid and current. A good contractor is also able to produce a list of references. Apart from asking about the end result when calling references, be sure to also ask about the plumber’s timeliness, demeanor and attitude.

Offers clear estimates

A professional plumber should give you clear estimates for your AC repair or other job before work begins. This estimate should include the cost of labor and materials. In addition to this, a good plumber clearly indicates how cost overruns such as extra materials or hours are billed.

Hire the best plumbing contractor in Alexandria

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