What Are Some of the Signs That My Home Could Use Fresh Insulation? Oct25


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What Are Some of the Signs That My Home Could Use Fresh Insulation?

Nothing lasts forever. That includes the insulation in your home. At some point, you will need to think about investing in new residential insulation in Lancaster, PA. If any of the following applies to your home, the time to do something about that aging or damaged insulation is now.

You’ve Recently Had a Severe Pest Problem

Rodents and other types of infestations can wreak havoc with your insulation. That’s because many pests will use it to create nests or as a place to deposit waste. While the exterminator got rid of the pests, you still have to deal with the aftermath. Getting rid of that damaged insulation and replacing it with something new not only makes the home tighter; it will also get rid of any lingering odors that remind you of the infestation.

Inconsistent Temperatures Throughout the House

There was a time when the temperature was consistent throughout the home. That’s not true any longer. There are areas where you can tell a significant difference. By choosing to invest in new residential insulation in Lancaster, PA, you will once again feel comfortable in every square inch of your home.

Your Utility Costs Are on the Rise

The heating and cooling bills are getting higher and higher these days, and it’s not because of a rate increase. There’s a good chance that the aging insulation is the culprit and making it harder to heat and cool your home efficiently. After opting for new residential insulation in Lancaster, PA, you are likely to see a noticeable difference in how much energy it takes to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Are you ready to upgrade the insulation in your home? The team at Lantz Insulation can help. Call us today or visit www.LantzInsulation.net/ to learn more about the options we have to offer. Together, we can settle on a solution that makes your home easier to heat and cool.

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