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What are Industrial Services in Texas?

Industrial services in Texas refer to those services that work with fixing, creating, installing, and repairing products that are related to the industry. This means that this service does not necessarily deal with an end product but rather with the machinery that is used to create the product.

What are Examples of Industrial Services?

There are various examples of industrial services, which include construction firms and manufacturers of engineering.There are several industrial services in Texas that you can opt for.


This is the temporary structure built to help elevate and support workers who will construct, repair or clean a building.

Lead Abatement

This is a process used to permanently remove the hazards of lead-based paint. It involved specialists and experienced professionals, and can not be done by more residential contractors.


This is a process that protects structure and materials by making them resistant to fire. This is again something that can only be done by professionals and requires a selection of materials.


This can be seen as a method of energy-saving and is done to prevent heat from leaving a space. This is particularly helpful for colder climate regions, where the frost can damage heavy machinery.

Dismantling and Relocation

Another important factor of industrial services offered includes relocating and dismantling industrial equipment and its facilities for the owner. This is not something that can be done by many technicians and requires workers with proper training such as those found in 1 Priority Environmental Services.