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What Are Hot Swappable Batteries and How Are They Efficient?

Most medical carts on wheels have one or more batteries attached so that they can power vital hospital equipment such as computers, monitors, and scanners. Many of the battery systems found on medical carts are dated and struggle to keep up to the demands of the hospital environment. They may have poor battery life, insufficient power, or be too complicated for the hospital staff to maintain properly.

Some Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System (FMCPT) is designed to improve on these aspects, making life easier for staff, improving patient care, and bringing down costs.

A big part of that is the ability to hot swap batteries. A hot-swappable battery allows you to easily and quickly take a near-empty battery out and replace it with a fully charged one; this ultimately reduces the time a rolling medical cart is out of use due to lack of power.

This allows hospital staff to spend more time caring for patients and less time maintaining machinery.

How Do Hot Swappable Batteries Work?

If your hospital staff ever find themselves in the position of coming to work and finding the cart assigned to them has a low or discharged battery, then a hot-swap system is the ideal way to remedy this problem.

Computer medical carts with our FMCPT system are fitted with two mounting positions allowing one battery to continue providing power while the other is removed and replaced.

With an FMCPT system, you can power the rolling medical cart from a power socket while also charging the batteries. This drastically decreases the downtime of the cart and is a huge improvement on older systems.

An FMCPT system has intelligent battery usage – when one battery reaches 15%, it switches to the other meaning you will never be left without power and computers don’t need to be restarted at vital times giving hospital staff access to EHR records at all times.

The FMCPT also has easy to understand yellow LED lights that flash when the battery is low, giving staff time to replace a battery or attach it to a power supply.

Depending on the power usage, one battery will run a computer medical cart for 5-8 hours – this is based on a one computer/monitor setup.

All these features help facilitate consistent functionality meaning maintenance of the cart never is never a priority over patient care.

Hot Swappable Batteries – The Benefits

Besides the obvious benefits of less downtime and maintenance with a hot-swappable system, other factors make using this design advantageous.

Hospital safety is also increased with the amount of time any medical cart is not plugged into a power socket. Cables are a potential trip hazard in hospitals and removing the need for your medical cart to be plugged into a power supply negates this. It gives hospital staff the freedom to move the cart to wherever it’s needed.

Conventional batteries also run the risk of you losing power at critical moments in patients care, which could be potentially catastrophic. A hot-swap system gives your staff the confidence that the computer medical cart will always have power when it’s needed.

Hot-swappable batteries are also modern in their design and more energy efficient – decreasing energy consumption across the entire facility is a considerable cost-saving measure.

Delays caused by being unable to access computers and patients’ EHR files due to lack of power are also a thing of the past.

The benefits of the hot-swapping system can be seen in the time, money, and increased consistency in patient care compared to older, unreliable battery systems.

Final Words

A hot-swap system helps hospital staff provide reliable health care at all times. No longer will a wheeled medical cart be permanently attached to a power supply due to poor battery performance reducing the risk of accidents. Downtime also becomes a thing of the past, allowing you to provide the best service you can – always.

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