Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Operating Rooms in California Apr21


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Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Operating Rooms in California

Although most surgical procedures that are performed in the operating room are carried through without any issues, there are times when things might not go quite as planned. Fortunately, there are some ways that the efficiency in this important area of the hospital can be improved.

Digital Boards

One way to increase OR efficiency is by changing some of the written details that are in the room. Most of the time, there’s a board that shows the procedures that are being performed that day, the name of the doctor, and the name of the patient. Using a digital board can make it easier and faster to update information instead of wiping away the information and writing details about the next patient. A digital board can also be easier for nurses and doctors to see.


When the hospital calls patients before the day of their surgery, they should try to obtain as much information as possible during the call so that patients can get to the waiting area without taking as much time. An automated system is an option to consider for OR efficiency as it can track the patients who have been called and if there’s any information that the hospital still needs so that it can be provided before the day of surgery, keeping the doctors and nurses on their schedule during the day.


All equipment should be checked and maintained on a routine basis. If there are any issues that are seen when the patient is in the operating room, it can delay or cancel the procedure, which results in working the patient back into the schedule.

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