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Ways of Detecting Slab Leaks in Tulsa

Detecting slab leaks in Tulsa is one of the skills that homeowners need to master to prevent water damage and other serious complications to the foundations of the house. Here are four excellent tips for detecting slab leaks.

Water Puddles on the Patio

For homes that have a concrete patio, water puddles or wet spots on the patio are a clear sign that the slab is leaking. You may also notice an increase in the size of the water puddles during the rainy season.

Signs of Water Streams on Walls and Under the Cabinet

One of the unique characteristics of a slab leakage is that the leaking water does not drain to one particular area. Hence, if you see streams of water on the walls and under the cabinet, chances are that the slab needs to be inspected.

Water Meter Reading

It is imperative to monitor the water meter readings at different times of the day to identify the amount of water that you use on a daily basis. Switch off the main water supply and check if the meter reading changes. If it does, rest assured that there are some leaks around the house that need to be rectified. The water bill can also help you to know if you the slab is leaking.

Hot Water Spots on the Floor

When walking around the house barefoot and notice a warm spot, do not ignore it. It is an indication of a slab leakage around the hot water pipes. The same case applies to leaks around the cold water pipes.

The above tips will help you to identify slab leaks in Tulsa before disaster strikes. Be sure to contact a plumber to check into the issue and resolve it quickly to help protect your house from water damage.