Warm Your Home With Help From Columbus, Ohio Heating Contractors

by | Apr 7, 2014 | HVAC

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Depending on where you live and the age of your home, you will have one of several possible heating methods installed. For certain older homes the method of choice was an oil based heating system. In some cases a steam or hot water boiler that piped the heated medium through radiators would be used. More modern homes tend to use a combined unit typically installed by Columbus, Ohio heating contractors called an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. These devices use either gas burning or electrical resistance to heat an air supply which is then pushed through the home with a high powered blower.

Installing an HVAC is a large task that requires the Columbus, Ohio heating contractors install both the appliance and a series of ventilation ducts that supply the treated air to the various rooms in the house. An HVAC is generally installed with the central unit located in a cabinet, specially designed enclosure or the attic so the duct work is easier to run. This appliance will also have an another component that houses the condensing unit which will be placed outdoors.

Your Columbus, Ohio heating contractors will install whichever type of HVAC your home supports. For instance, many homes are all electric and require an HVAC that heats the air using electrical resistance. This appliance typically heats air in an air exchange while the gas based version will heat inside a chamber so the burned gas can be properly exhausted. Functionally, there is very little difference between the air supplied from either of these two variations, but the internal equipment can vary significantly. Because the gas based furnace requires a volatile fuel supply as well as an exhaust ventilation system many people consider the trade off of an electric furnace worthwhile.

Local Columbus, Ohio heating contractors such as Northland Heating and Cooling will need to take a little time and calculate the exact demands of your HVAC. For example, they need to determine how much heating and cooling space you have and which size of appliance will service that space appropriately. For the average home the HVAC will use the more common two ton A/C system with matching furnace.

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