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Walk-In Pediatric Urgent Medical Care is Available in Smithtown, NY

Isn’t it wonderful that there are walk-in medical facilities nearby? A person who gets sick after hours or has an accident on a weekend no longer has to sit for hours in an emergency room waiting to be treated. These are facilities with fully trained and board certified emergency room physicians ready to take care of you. Accidents happen any time of the day or night. Having a STAT Health Immediate Medical Care facility an injured person can walk into and be treated almost immediately is very convenient. If you feel you’re in the midst of a heart attack or that you’re having a stroke or any other life threatening illness, it’s still advisable to get to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible.

Parents have peace of mind that when the baby has a fever, earache or begins throwing up during the weekend, the Pediatric Urgent Medical Care in Smithtown, NY is available to care for the little one. No one wants a child to go through the agony of an earache while waiting for their pediatrician to open his/her office on Monday morning. You can walk into an urgent care that evening and have the baby treated and feeling better before Monday morning. Most insurance plans are accepted along with major credit cards, checks and cash.

If you’re an employer, you’ll be happy to know that the Pediatric Urgent Medical Care in Smithtown, NY can get new employees on the job quickly by administering employment physicals to new hires. If employees get hurt on the job, the emergency room physicians can examine the injured person, treat their injuries, recording time, date, and diagnosis, which is highly beneficial for employer and employee alike. Many times the employee can resume working much more quickly because he/she was treated to quickly after the injury. Profit wise and payday wise, this is very beneficial to each party.

There are seven locations available in the Smithtown, NY and surrounding areas, with more on the way. Just about any type of accident or illness is treated, from falls at home or on the job, to animal bites, bacterial or viral infections, pneumonia, dehydration, urinary tract infections, burns, backaches to splinters. Occupational health for employers, travel immunizations, and sports physicals are all available at the urgent care facilities.           10579624_l