Volleyball Equipment Needed to Play Like a Pro

by | Aug 26, 2014 | Business

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Volleyball is a popular sport, because it is fun to play, you can play with friends, and you get to hit balls over the net. However, most people don’t realize just how much equipment is needed, because they feel that the ball and net are all that are required. While many coaches and teams do get away with the basics, there are some other options you may want to consider that will make your life and game a lot easier.


Net storage is almost as important as the net itself. You or your team will spend a lot of money for the netting required to play the game, so having the proper equipment to store your volleyball net is also important. There are great options that will wind the net up for you and keep it safe until it is needed again.


While volleyball bags are a great way to get your balls from home to the court, you will likely find them difficult to use while in the game. Various carts are available to hold the balls during play and if there is room enough, you can even use the carts as storage for your balls until they are required again. Almost all versions have wheels, making it easy to move wherever they are needed. You may also consider a carrying case for your cart, especially if you will be taking it with you from practices and games.


Without a net, you cannot play volleyball, making this piece of equipment one of the most important. While there are webbing ropes for outside or home play, there are also full systems that include the net, poles and everything else required to ensure a safe playing area.


While it is nice to play with others, sometimes you must play by yourself in order to become better at the game. There are many great aids available so that you can practice your serves and shots and will have the ball returned to you for more practice and less fetching. Options can include a ball encased around a rope so that you can continuously hit, nets that will catch your serves and nets with hammock backdrops so that you can practice and have the ball come back.


While many teams go by the honor system, you may want to invest in a scoreboard that can be taken with you wherever you play.

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