Visiting Garden Centers Will Help You Transform Your Yard

by | Jun 30, 2014 | Home and Garden

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Landscaping your yard is serious business! You’ve got so many decisions to make between trees, shrubs, evergreens, plants and flowers. The best way to see all your options, get expert advice and some great ideas, is to visit some garden centers.

At a garden center you’ll see so many varieties of trees, both evergreen and deciduous. The difference between the two categories is that deciduous trees shed their leaves in the fall and evergreens, somewhat obviously, do not.

* Deciduous Trees: These trees include some that you’ve undoubtedly heard of like maple, oak, birch, ash, cherry and willow. But you probably don’t realize how many variations there are of each. For example, the Oak tree has approximately 90 species in the United States! There are about 128 species of Maple trees throughout the world!
* Evergreens: Evergreen trees are most notably Christmas trees, or Spruce trees, but there are so many varieties for any kind of yard. Holly, Cedar, Magnolia, Arborvitae – there is one for every yard and landscape design.

Plants and Flowers
* Perennials: The plants provide the ease that every homeowner desires. These flowering plants come back every spring. Flowering plants, vines, ferns and ornamental grasses all come in the perennial variety. These are great landscaping plants because you can find them for sunny or shady spots and once you plant them, you’ll enjoy their beauty for years to come.
* Annuals: Even though annuals only last for one growing season, their multitude of colors can light up any yard. Their color can also brighten an area that has faded with a perennials’ bloom. Annuals can be planted in beds, flower boxes, patio containers and hanging baskets. Visit your garden center and they’ll help you choose what flowers are best suited for your yard.

Roses get their own category because their color, fragrance and shape give them an unmistakable brilliance. Whether you choose the shrub variety of a climbing variety, roses come in so many vibrant colors and even different sizes. The rose bush may just be the most popular in the world.

Garden centers are the best place to visit to see for yourself all the beautiful options you have when landscaping your property.

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