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Using Unblock Website Proxy Software To Access Restricted Sites

When you go to internet cafes and use their public computers, you’ve probably noticed that there are certain restrictions enabled. For instance, some computers won’t allow you to download and install programs. Others won’t allow you to make modifications to the system, such as changing the wallpaper. A common problem many users see is blocked websites. When these public computers are setup, IT technicians typically use software to automatically block various types of websites. Websites that support pornographic videos and images are nearly always blocked, and this is quite understandable. However, when automatically blocking thousands of sites, there’s bound to be a few sites that are unjustly added to the list. This is when you need unblock website proxy software.

Often times social networking sites and email services are blocked unjustly. Thankfully you can use Unblock Website Proxy software to access these sites. There are a number of ways these sites are blocked by administrators. Administrators can use host files and router settings in order to easily block sites from being accessed. Bypassing these restrictions can be nearly impossible without any special software.

In order to use Unblock Website Proxy software, you need to load the software onto the computer. Once the software is loaded onto the computer, it allows you to visit any site you’d like. How does it do this? When administrators set up their computers to block certain sites, they’ll use the computer’s firewall to make restrictions. When a firewall makes these restrictions, it essentially blocks your computer from communicating with the forbidden sites. What the Unblock Website Proxy software does is trick the firewall. The software poses as an unnamed proxy server. When you enter a website, the new proxy server fools the firewall into thinking you’re visiting an approved site.

You don’t have to deal with the restrictions on public or private computers. Although these restrictions mean well, they sometimes go farther than they should. Utilize unblocking website proxy software from ip-shield.net LLC in order to get around these unnecessary restrictions. You can find this type of software online for free or for a small price. The software can be used on several computers, and can be easily uninstalled.