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Using natural food coloring in baking – What you need to know

Natural food coloring is an alternative to traditional food coloring that is made without the use of harmful dyes or additives. It is safe to consume and won’t leave a strange aftertaste to ruin your baked goods. On the contrary people will be drawn to your creations and impressed with your focus on health. By using natural food coloring, you can promote great health while still giving your baked treats a wonderful look.

Trying out different recipes

There are many different recipes you can try out and you can just replace the standard food coloring for natural food coloring. Natural food coloring can be in the form of either a gel or a powder depending on the way you need to use it. Some of the recipes people follow that are popular include the rainbow cake as well as placing the natural food coloring in fondant to make icing. There really is no end to the myriad of ways that you can use natural food coloring to make your baked treats look their very best.

Where to use natural food coloring

If you are making a recipe such as the rainbow cake stated above, then you would want to use natural food coloring directly into the batter. This will affect the way that the cake itself looks versus its outer covering. However if you simply want to add food coloring to the actual icing, then you can mix the natural food coloring into the fondant, marzipan, gum paste, or any other icing products. The end result will be just as vibrant and beautiful as if you had used traditional food coloring for your baked goods.

Natural food coloring is becoming more and more widely used. As people are uncovering the benefits of eating healthfully for longevity, natural alternatives will replace the old and outdated. Get started now with incorporating natural food coloring into your routines for baked goods that both taste and look great.

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