Using multi colored dragees to decorate your baked goods

by | Dec 30, 2016 | Food and Drink, Shopping

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Multi colored dragees pronounced (Dra-jeys) are small, colorful metallic balls that are used to decorate cakes, cookies, and other baked treats. They add a wonderful finish to any baked creation and make each baked good look much more intricate and expensive. The multi colored dragees are typically used to decorate wedding cakes, holiday cakes such as Easter cakes, birthday cakes, and more. These non-toxic additions are used only as decoration for your baked treats. If you are looking to give your baked goods a little extra shine, then these offer the perfect solution.

Avoid melted sprinkle syndrome

One of the main advantages of using multi colored dragees is that you can avoid the messy melted sprinkle look that often occurs when sprinkles are used. Because sprinkles are softer and respond to high temperatures by melting, they often leave a bit of color to the area where they are placed. If you are looking for a much more clean and polished look in the end result of your cake decorating, then multi colored dragees offer the perfect solution. Although casual baking can accommodate messes that melted sprinkles leave behind, professional baking doesn’t leave much room for this. This is why dragees are often used in cake decorating applications.

Easy to apply

Multi colored dragees are simple and easy to apply to decorate baked goods. They can be used simply by placing them onto icing or fondant before it has dried. The finished look appears as though the multi colored dragees are sticking right to the cake instead of the icing underneath. Experimenting and exploring with this creative tool allows one to be very creative in making spectacular finished baked treats.

When purchasing the dragees, make sure to buy Kosher certified ones if this will be a concern for your guests. You can find these baking supplies at your local baked good store or at an online bakery.

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