Used, Repaired Or Remanufactured Transmission: What’s The Difference?

by | Jul 24, 2014 | Automotive

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As anyone knows that has had a transmission problem in any type of vehicle, including manual and automatics trucks and cars, transmission repairs can often be a fairly substantial cost. However, there are usually at least two or more different options to consider if you have decided to go ahead with the repair and keep your current vehicle. These include putting in a used tranny, fixing the problem, or choosing a rebuilt or remanufactured transmission.

Each of these options has pros and cons to consider. Understanding just what the benefits and potential drawbacks of the options are will help you decide if it is worth a bit more money to go for a remanufactured transmission or a rebuilt option or try something else.

Used Transmissions

Most transmission specialists don’t suggest trying a used transmission for several reasons. First, a used transmission is pulled out of a vehicle that is no longer operable. This typically means it has been totaled. While the transmission is not damaged there will usually be a limited warranty if any. If you buy the transmission online or from a wrecker service, you will most likely have no warranty at all.

Rebuilt or Repaired Transmissions

Instead of a remanufactured transmission, there may be the option to simply fix the current transmission without the need to completely rebuild it. This means that the specialist is able to identify the problem and can make the repair without the need to completely take the transmission apart and clean, upgrade and replace the components.

A remanufactured transmission and a rebuilt transaction are basically the same; just the remanufactured transmission is processed through a factory while the rebuilt option is typically done in-house. This means that the rebuild time can be a few days whereas with a remanufactured transmission the complete repair can typically be completed in one day in the shop.

Keep in mind that a remanufactured transmission will be done to the current specs for that transmission, which may include an overall better functioning level for the transmission in the future. There is also usually a longer warranty on the remanufactured option since it is right from the factory rather than completed in a shop.

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