Use Permafloat Products to Create Your Perfect Floating Dock

by | Dec 5, 2013 | Business

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Docks have traditionally been fixed structures planked with splintery wood. Sometimes it would be a huge step up from the boat. Icy weather could destroy the dock and many municipalities are promulgating new regulations for dock construction. Technology now offers a better way to build a dock.

Dock floatation units allow a floating dock to be built to any desired shape. They are ecologically friendly, manufactured from virgin LLDPE and filled with polystyrene (EPS), making the modules unsinkable. They can be taken out for maintenance or to prevent ice damage to the dock. Swim rafts are the perfect accompaniment to docks, perfect for relaxing and swimming fun. It is the perfect finishing touch for any waterfront property. Non-skid deck surfaces and sturdy unsinkable construction define a swim raft that will be enjoyed by all for many years. Solar powered dock lights are a wonderful finishing touch that provides security and beauty to the entire dock area. Unsinkable jet ski docks are another application for this technology.

Dock Floats Ltd. began as a small part-time marine products supplier in 1995 in central Texas. Subsequently, the company moved to Austin and is now a full-service marine supply distributor shipping products around the world. They carry a wide variety of marine products, supplying homeowners, marinas, commercial fishermen and anyone with a need for marine materials.

They proudly supply Permafloat Seamless Encapsulated Dock Floatation products to customers needing the best, most durable floating docks. These rotationally molded flotation modules are easily installed and have a 15 year warranty. The buoyancy ranges from 203 lbs. to an amazing 4,804 lbs. and night docking is made safer with the Flash Dot feature. The company also supplies heavy duty dock bumpers that are designed to handle the strongest impacts. This makes them ideal for use in parking garages and loading docks as well as in marinas.

One of the hallmarks of their business philosophy is being sure that each customer is supplied with the correct products for their project. Their experienced, professional team believes that nothing is more important than customer satisfaction. Building and maintaining strong relationships with customers is the core of their business.

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