When to Use Fertilization in Huntersville

by | Apr 9, 2014 | Home and Garden

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Fertilization in Huntersville is an important aspect of lawn care if you want to have a good-looking lawn. How often to fertilize and when will ultimately depend on the type of grass you have on your property. Grass needs nutrients and nitrogen when they are actively growing, but this isn’t normally the time to start the process.

You should fertilize when the grass is dormant because otherwise you will be wasting fertilizer. You should also fertilize at the right time; if you wait too long, the lawn will look great for a while and then slow down and look patchy or thin, and then will speed back up with the next fertilizer application.

If you have warm-season grass, it will grow rapidly in warmer weather. You will usually want to fertilize in the late spring up through the early fall. If you feed this type of grass in early spring or too early, then the nitrogen in the fertilizer may help weeds grow. If you wait too long in the fall to fertilize, the grass will be less full and lush as the weather cools and will be more susceptible to injury.

Cool-season grasses grow more in the fall and early spring. However, if you have cool-season grasses and live in a mild-winter climate, such as California, your grass may grow throughout the year. The best times to feed cool-season grass is in the fall and spring, unless you live in a mild-winter climate, and then you should fertilize in winter as well.

Fall is one of the most important times to fertilize cool-season grasses, so the grass will grow longer into the cooler weather, helping keep the lush look and providing a quick green-up into spring. In spring, don’t fertilize too soon, as this could mean a lot of top growth with little root growth. This can also cause problems.

Many homeowners don’t know what type of grass they have. It can often be easier to hire a professional because they are trained to know the differences in grasses and can handle fertilization in Huntersville better than you. A professional is the way to go if you want to ensure that the job is done right. Their experience will be invaluable.

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