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Use an Energy Audit to Find Energy Savings

Planning an energy audit is the first step to getting your home working as efficiently as possible. There a few tips you can use once your audit has been completed to turn your home into an energy saver.

Where to Start

Once your audit is complete you will receive a report that covers many issues. The audit will have checked for a number of common energy wasters. Classic problems found during an audit could include leaks throughout the home causing energy loss, old and deteriorating Heat Contractors in Fort Collins systems and poor insulation and windows. Take your list and decide where your priorities lie. Consider the following points in this order of importance:
* Concerns for Safety: Carbon monoxide detectors or cracked furnaces that can leak dangerous gases.
* Best Money Savers: New furnace or windows.
* Perks: A zoning system or smart thermostats
You can then look at which ones are urgent and must be replaced or improved such as a furnace and the need for more carbon monoxide detectors and leave the rest for a later date based on your budget. The good thing about a new furnace is that it will also be a big money saver. Heat Contractors in Fort Collins will be able to assist with a new furnace and offer quotes and recommendations to best meet your needs.

Tackle Some Jobs Yourself

There are many jobs you can do on your own with minimal investment as well as minimal time. Consider adding weather stripping and caulking to seal leaky doors and windows. Use a thermal leak detector to test for drafts around electrical plates, outlets and phone and cable hook ups. Insulating all of these areas will add up to great energy savings.

Big Jobs, Big Payoffs

Windows are a huge investment, but if you have the money they are well worth it. They can save you as much as 30 percent on your energy bill. That’s not bad. Also, if you are planning to replace your furnace look into having the entire HVAC system replaced. It will be cheaper to have it done together.
You can look forward to keeping warm in the winter and cool in the summer with great energy savings.
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