The Upsides to Used Auto Parts in Central Oklahoma

by | Dec 30, 2013 | Automotive

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As surprising as it may sound, used parts for vehicle are becoming quite popular. Most people don’t have a problem purchasing a used car, especially if it’s purchased from a reputable dealer that offers quality used vehicles. However, with the expensive nature of replacement parts today, the lack of specialty parts for various past vehicle models as well the inferior quality of aftermarket parts, it’s no surprise that Used auto parts Central Oklahoma are much more of a consideration than they ever have been in the past. Get in touch with Al’s Auto Salvage for more information!

When you’re talking about the benefits of Used auto parts Central Oklahoma, the first and perhaps the most highly publicized benefit is the cost. Used auto parts are simply going to cost less than new parts.

Another benefit is that you can get certain used parts as if they were almost new. For example, when you purchase an alternator, you will typically be assessed a core charge. This is money that you will receive back if you bring in the old alternator. You see, what parts retailers do is take these alternators that you return and send them out to be refurbished. Whether it’s a factory or an individual shop, the alternators will be broken down, broken parts will be replaced, the entire unit will be refurbished, cleaned up and even though the item is technically used, it’s virtually like new and ready for resale.

Another benefit to Used auto parts Central Oklahoma is if you decide to purchase your used part at a salvage yard. Many salvage yards offer what they call a pull and save program. This means that if you can find the used parts you’re looking for in one of their salvaged vehicles, you can bring your tools, pull the part out yourself and you can save a ton of money in the process.

The truth is that while regular parts stores do carry some used parts in stock, your main resource for used parts are going to be a salvage yard. That’s why if you live in the central Oklahoma area and you’re looking for a specific part, you may want to check out This could very well be the resource you’re looking for for that hard-to-find replacement part to get your vehicle running again.


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