Unique Floral Arrangements That Show Sympathy for Those You Love

When someone passes away, it is natural to want to show your respect and sympathy to those around you. The unique flower arrangements that Fort Lauderdale, FL, florists offer are perfect for expressing the occasion. Whether you are selecting an arrangement to honor someone you love, or simply want to show your sympathy to a friend, flower arrangements are a timeless form of endearment.


Wreaths can be created with real flowers or silk. One that is made with artificial or dried flowers can be kept by the family after the services are over, while fragrant real flowers are always a beautiful choice. Wreaths are displayed on an easel, and they can be adorned with a ribbon stating the relationship of the deceased to you and your family.

Living Baskets

Living baskets are simply containers filled with plants rather than cut flowers. The family members of the departed may take the plants home as a gift after the services are over. Many people feel more justified in purchasing something the loved ones can keep rather than investing in blooms. Both are beautiful, and the chosen plants can have a variety of colors other than just green.

Special Arrangements

You can also choose to have a traditional bouquet of cut flowers sent. Florists often arrange them in an elegant glass vase, basket, or some other type of container. You can request to have items included such as an angel figurine, a cross, a collectible, or an item that reflects the departed’s passion.

Whether you choose a wreath, living basket, or another arrangement, the unique arrangements that Fort Lauderdale, FL, flower shops offer can help you show your love and sympathy in a traditional manner. These special designs are the perfect way to honor a loved one or show respect for a close friend.

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