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Understanding What SR-22 Car Insurance Is & How to Get It

55096509_xlMost drivers have never heard of SR-22 car insurance policies or what exactly that it is. Our knowledgeable team of car insurance experts can explain all of the requirements and nuances of complying with this type of motor vehicle insurance stipulation. This is generally a court-ordered mandate against drivers charged with a DUI or DWI offense and/or some more serious motor vehicle moving violations. Judges now often require this driving stipulation when someone gets into a motor vehicle accident that is their fault when they are not carrying proper car insurance coverage or have an expired driver’s license. We offer cheap and valid car insurance in compliance with Sr-22 Chicago court orders.

The majority of cases where Sr-22 Chicago area drivers mandated by the courts are in place are due to serious types of driving violations or traffic offenses. However, more areas are cracking down on drivers that accrue many tickets or minor moving violations in a short period of time. This is becoming more common in urban areas where parking tickets, running red lights and other common driver offenses takes up a good portion of court time and resources.

55096509_xlAny Sr-22 Chicago resident driver might have to comply with is a serious matter. Anyone who is ordered to comply with this court ordered driving privilege stipulation should contact an automobile insurance company that offers this service. The consequences of being found in non-compliance with a Sr-22 order are very serious and come with harsh consequences. Most first-time less drastic driver offense situations requiring this mandate typically will order the driver to remain in compliance for 3 years or more. Learn more by contacting Accurate Auto Insurance online and follow prompts.

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