Understanding Bail Bonding Companies in Clayton County Jul11


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Understanding Bail Bonding Companies in Clayton County

It is a difficult time when a relative is behind bars. Family members are afraid and their loved one may be calling constantly because they want to get out of jail. However, the family must negotiate the bail bond process and may not know which of the bail bonding companies in Clayton County contact.

The Bail Process

Most bonds are pre-set by judges in the jurisdiction. However, those charged with a serious felony may have to ask a judge to set bond. Likewise, there are individuals who cannot afford bail, and they must also ask a judge to reduce their bond. In these cases, the family should hire an attorney. Finally, some individuals get out of jail free or rather on their own recognizance. Usually, they are charged with minor crimes and have little or no criminal history.

There is a new process wherein a computer program suggests a bail amount. This is called setting bond by algorithm. Certain information about the accused is entered into the program. This information includes age, criminal history and nature of the current charges. The program assesses the likelihood the accused will appear in court.

Finding a Bondsman

Experts recommend hiring a bondsman that is well known in the community, so they can be trusted and will know their way around the courthouse. Sometimes, it takes hours for jail staff to release someone after bond is made. However, a bondsman who is known by jail staff can make the process go faster.

Different Ways to Post Bond

Bail bonding companies in Clayton County are in business to make money. That’s why they charge a non-refundable percentage of the bail amount. Keep in mind that they are actually posting the full amount of bail. The consumer pays for the privilege of not having to produce the full amount all at once. Sometimes, the fee is ten percent of the bail amount. However, it can be as high as fifteen percent.

Individuals who own property may put up this asset for bail. However, the property has to be approved by the local sheriff. They want to see if the property contains equity that equals the full bail amount. However, one can lose the property if the accused flees the jurisdiction. For more information, visit FreeAtLastBB.com.

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