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What Types of Police Lights Are Available?

Police lights are a first line of defense and safety, ensuring that officers and other first responders are as visible as possible. To maintain high levels of safety standards and continue to protect and serve their communities, police departments need to upgrade their vehicles and their lighting equipment. Police lights are for sale online from quality manufacturers right here in America, and can be sold directly to departments to ease the administrative duties and payment processing.

New vehicle fleets and diverse vehicles require different types of lighting. Before buying police lights for sale online, the best thing that department administrators can do first is to coordinate efforts throughout the force in order to determine the specific needs of the vehicle fleet and of the officers using them. Undercover officers will need different lights than standard patrol cars. Likewise, motorcycle police will also have special lighting needs. Older models of vehicles can be retrofitted with new model lighting to create a standard and uniform appearance within a department while remaining well within budget.

The top categories of police lights that are for sale include grill lights, stick lights, hide-a-ways, light bars and dash lights. Most products are available in LED, providing the most cost-effective and safest lighting system. LED lights appear more pleasant when they are used in the community. However, TIR optics and other specialized lighting systems can also be of use on emergency vehicles. The types of police lights that are for sale are not restricted to government police departments and can include hospital emergency vehicles, private security vehicles, and fire department vehicles. Hide-a-ways and strobes offer additional flexibility for special members of the force, and can even be mounted within existing lighting systems. Bar and stick lights are also important for police vehicles because of their flexibility and convenience.