Type of Memory Foam Mattresses

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Shopping

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When it comes to buying a memory foam mattress you have three broad choices. These are traditional, Gel, and air-cool. Each of these types offers its own advantages and disadvantages when compared to the other two. Here are the three types of memory foam you should know when you are looking for a foam mattress in Lafayette.


These first started to be used in the 1990’s because of their vast improvement over traditional innerspring mattresses. By removing the springs, you remove potential pressure point. Traditional memory foam mattresses help to improve circulation throughout your body by reducing these pressure points.

These mattresses offer a couple of advantages. First, the memory foam is anti-microbial. This will help keep bacteria and bed bugs fro taking hold in your mattress. Since there are no springs or coils, traditional memory foam mattresses tend to last longer than hybrid type mattresses.


One of the biggest advantages of gel, and traditional memory foam mattresses is that they stop motion transfer. This means that if your partner, or yourself, toss and turn in the night then this type of mattress can help reduce the motion transfer between the two of you and help you both sleep better. It also has anti-microbial properties like a traditional memory foam mattress. The biggest advantage to gel is that it is infused with the same gel that is used in show inserts. This will add more support to the mattress and can help keep your body aligned at night.


One of the main complaints about memory foam is that it generates a lot of heat while you sleep. In many cases, this is by design. The foam is meant to soften in response to your body heat and allow you to sink in and have the mattress conform to your body.

These work in a similar way to a traditional memory foam mattress at first. They respond to your body heat, but once the mattress has conformed to your body, then the heat is allowed to dissipate. This will lead to a much cooler night’s sleep.

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