Tree Pruning in Dunwoody GA Keeps Trees Strong and Healthy

Trees add beauty to any landscape. Keeping them healthy is a must if one wishes to have them around for a long time. Tree Pruning in Dunwoody GA can remove any unsightly branches as well as limbs that are diseased or broken. A properly maintained tree can provide an aesthetic quality that is unmatched by man-made products.

TreeDog Atlanta Services LLC has been caring for trees for 14 years. This company handles all aspects of tree care, and their ISA-Certified arborists have the training and knowledge to diagnose and treat every kind of tree problem.

Caring for Trees

Many people plant trees for shade and do nothing other than watering them from time to time. What they fail to realize is that trees require nutrients to grow as well as regular pruning to keep them healthy. Enriching the soil around the trunk of a tree with nitrogen-enriched fertilizer can encourage growth.

However, before adding fertilizer to the soil, it’s a good idea to have the soil tested to see if it’s deficient in potassium or phosphorous since a proper balance of nutrients is necessary for a tree’s root system to provide stability and strength throughout its life.

Tree Pruning

Trees are self-sufficient, but they need assistance with branch trimming when limbs hang too low, die off, are damaged during a storm, or become diseased. An arborist is trained to spot things that an untrained individual cannot see. It may be beneficial to have a tree inspected occasionally and trimmed by an arborist when the need arises. An arborist will work hard to maintain a tree’s shape during pruning while checking for health problems at the same time.

Tree Aesthetics

When a tree is planted to enhance a landscape, it’s important to choose a variety that works best in the designated space. The height and width of a tree, as well as the expected average lifespan, should be considered when selecting a particular species. Other things to look for are leaf color, flowering varieties, the overall shape of a tree, and how disease-resistant a particular species is. Selecting the best tree for a specific location should also be based on its hardiness for the zone where it will be planted.

Maintaining strong healthy trees isn’t difficult with a little time and effort. Tree Pruning in Dunwoody GA should be a regular part of tree care.

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